Ministry highlights

Partners from coast to coast

Over the last few months, Jenn and I have had the privilege to travel across Canada and into the USA building our partners. It has been such a blessing to connect and be welcomed all over.

Road trip to tampa 

In June we packed up our family and drove from home all the way to Tampa, Florida.  While there we attended a Church Of God convention.  Our highlight was being commissioned as new missionaries with Global Strategy.  

Asia Pacific Conference 

In October of 2022 we had the privilege of traveling to Seoul and attending the Asia Pacific Conference of the Church of God.   It was amazing to see a glimpse of the amazing things that God is doing in Asia and the Pacific and to meet many new friends along the way.


Following the Conference we had the privilege of Joining Don Armstrong the Regional Coordinator, Jim Lyon the Church of God Executive Director on a trip to Bangladesh.  While there we celebrated the 75th anniversary of a Christian school, toured many child sponsorship locations and even dedicated several new churches.